Mining equipment

Pneumatic stowing machines of the "Titan-1" type are designed for mechanization of stowing operations during coal-bed preparatory mining workings adjacent to the mining faces. The units can be used in the preparatory mining workings of any shape, fixed with any support, with any undermining of lateral rocks.


  • The unit with one compressor and a stowing pipeline with a diameter of 170 mm (version "Titan-1M") is intended for use mainly during coal-bed preparatory mining workings adjacent to the mining faces, with the placement of rocks from blasting in the rock strip of the adjacent worked-out lava space.
  • The unit with two compressors and a stowing pipeline with a diameter of 195 mm (version "Titan-1M-01") is intended for use mainly with full or partial stowing of the worked-out space of the mining faces using imported rock with a strip width of up to 120m and a stowing volume of up to 175m3 per day
Parameters Titan-1M Titan-1M-1
Technical performance, m 3 /min 0,33...1,00 0,33...1,33
Material transportation distance via pipeline (with two
swivel elbows and a rise of the route up to 2 meters), m, lower than
   • at minimal performance 100 150
   • at maximal performance 50 80
Stowing pipeline diameter, mm 170 195
Compressed air flow, m 3 /min 70 70
Total design drive power, kW 310 530
Weight, less than, t 34,5 53,0
Railway track gauge, mm 600 or 900
Overall dimensions, mm 4175X1415X1950 4500x1500x2750
Voltage, V 660
Current frequency, Hz 50

KS-2U/40, 2KS-2U/40 loading machines designed to mechanize the process of blasted rock loading into lifting vessels during the vertical shaft sinking.

The machines are used in combination with various sets of heading equipment used in the coal, mining and shale industries when drilling shafts in an explosive manner.

At the request of the customer, they are equipped with a mounted drilling rig BUKS-1U5, which allows to mechanize the process of drilling holes.


  • Loading machines are manufactured in two modifications:
    • one grab loader KS-2U/40 – for shafts 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8m in diameter;
    • two grab loader 2KS-2U/40 – for shafts 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9 m in diameter.
  • The depth of shafts traversed by machines is not limited, as they are suspended directly from the tunneling shelf.
  • The machines are designed for wide use in mine construction as a means of increasing the average road-heading rate to 120 - 150 m per month.
  • One-grab loader assembly is performed within 15 – 20 hrs, disassembly – 8 – 10 hrs.
  • Loading machines can be efficiently used during various types of road-heading, but the main one is a combined way of road-heading with monolithic concrete support, which is mounted from the shaft face.
  • It is also possible to use a parallel method of road-heading in hard rocks and rocks of medium strength. In this case, a permanent fastening is erected from a tunneling shelf made of monolithic concrete.
Parameters KS-2U/40 2KS-2U/40
Number of grabs 1 2
Number of sets of driving and control mechanisms for grabs 1 2
Blasted rock loading capacity, m3/min, min 1,7 3,0
Loading cycle time, s 20 - 25 20 - 25
Working head capacity, m3 0,7 0,7
Installed capacity of compressor motors, kW 320 630

BUKS-1U5 Unified drill unit is designed for mechanization of drilling of boreholes, cementation, degassing and exploration wells when sinking and deepening vertical shafts of mines with a diameter of 4.0 m to 9.0 m in the light in the coal, mining and shale industries.


  • The drilling rig consists of a removable part and components installed on a sinking platform and on a machine of the KS type (stationary part),
  • The removable part includes: drilling machines, manipulator, suspension, sliding column and pneumatic system.
  • The stationary part includes: a lead-in curve, equipment for cleaning boreholes and equipment for drilling cement wells.
  • The possibility of drilling machines to tilt in the vertical plane and turn in the horizontal plane allows you to change the distance between adjacent boreholes and drill a large number of holes from one position.
  • The use of spring jacks allows one driller to reliably and quickly expand the drilling machine at any slopes of the coal-beds (including steeply falling ones), rock hardness and roughness of the bottom of the hole.
  • The installation has a reduced noise level and water-air cleaning of boreholes, providing complete dust suppression and an increase in drilling speed.
Parameters Values
UCS of rocks, σ comp , MPa, min 230
Technical performance, m/min, higher than:  
UCS of rocks σ comp up 150 MPa 1,90
UCS of rocks σ comp up 230 MPa 0,92
Drilling wells 0,16
Drilling depth, m:  
when drilling holes 4,4
when drilling wells 50,0
Number of drilling machines, pcs:  
when drilling holes 4...2
when drilling wells 2
Head diameter, mm 42...52
Tilt angle of the drilling machine to the vertical, degrees, up to 20
Compressed air pressure, MPa 0,5
Air consumption per 1 drilling machine, m3 /min 14,2
Water consumption per 100m of holes or wells washing, m3 1,0
Overall dimensions of the removable part of the unit, mm:  
circumscribed circle diameter 1950
height 9500
Weight, kg 9300...11900

The drilling unit of the machine is chosen based on the UCS of rocks. There are two types of drill-rocks:
UCS of rocks σ comp up 150 MPa type M2
UCS of rocks σ comp up 230 MPa type PK-60

The MPL-22 loading machine is designed for mechanized loading of rock mass onto mine transport vehicles with the drilling and blasting method of mine workings sinking - horizontal and inclined up to ± 12° , as well as, in the version with a drilling rig, for drilling holes in rocks with a maximum uniaxial compression strength of up to 100 MPa in mines, hazardous for gas (methane) and coal dust.


  • MPL-22 – with drilling unit
  • MPL-22-02 – without drilling unit
Parameters Values
Technical performance, m3/min, higher than
Working inclination angle from -6° to +12° 3
Working inclination angle from -12° to -6° 2
Technical performance of drilling, m/h 32
Drilling height, max, m 4
Working inclination range, degrees ±12
Maximal dimensions of the rock, m 0,65
Overall dimensions, m:
Length 9,1
Truck width 2,02
Feeder width 2,3
Casing height 1,66
Drill unit height 2,3
Weight (without stage loader), t:
With drill unit 22
Without drill unit 20
Specific ground pressure, MPa 0,11
Clearance, m 0,23
Voltage, V 1140/660
Current frequency, Hz 50
Total design electric motor power (without stage loader, kW 126
Drill unit  
Hole diameter, mm 42
Feed stroke, m 2,5
Rotation frequency, rpm 330;725
Gathering arms gear: hydro-mechanical, kinematically uncoupled  
Electric drive power of each gathering arm, kW 22
Loading apron width, m 2,3
Scraper conveyor  
Drive electric motors power, kW 2x18,5
Trough width, m 0,67
Scraper chain speed, m/s 1,1
Chassis drives hydro-mechanical, kinematically uncoupled  
Travelling speed, m/min 7
Track width, m 0,51
Machine control  
Control – in Loading mode – wireless from the control panel.
Drilling mode – from local control unit.
Electrical equipment  
Drive electric motors power, kW:  
left loading arm 22
right loading arm 22
scraper conveyor 2x18,5
hydraulic unit pump 30
control circuit and drill unit arm pumping unit 5,5
drill unit 11
Hydraulic system  
Pumps – types and q-ty:  
sectional twin gear (2x50 cm3) 1
NSH10 or 50NR14 (control circuit and drill unit arm) 1
Hydraulic motors, type and qty:  
radial-piston 2
Setting pressure of safety valves in hydraulic lines, MPa:  
chassis 14
drill unit arm 10
control circuits 2


DD3-4, DD3-6 designed for coarse and medium crushing of coals, anthracites, and oil shale with inclusions of accompanying rocks with UCS of rocks σcomp = 80 MPa.

DD3-8 designed for fine crushing of wet materials (chalk, lime, rocks) with UCS of rocks σcomp = 60 MPa up to grain size of 0 – 13mm in NF4 (GOST 15150-69).

Parameters DD3-4 DD3-6 DD3-8
Length, m 2,55 3,45 3,45
Width, m 2,4 3,25 3,3
Height, m 0,925 1,2 1,25
Weight, t 4,02 8,36 8,93
Technical performance, t/h 20-100* 60-150* 10-28
Feeding circuit voltage, V 380 380 380
Frequencies, Hz 50 50 50
Electric motor power, kW 11 22 22

* — depending on the grain size of the material

The sinking travelling hoist with an electric drive LPEP-10 is designed for suspension of equipment when sinking vertical shafts of mines with installation on the surface. It is allowed to use the hoist for installation and auxiliary work in the mining industry.

Parameters Values
Static rope tension on the first winding layer, kN, max 98,0 (10)
Pulley rope capacity, m 1500
Rope speed, m/s:
on the first winding layer 0,075
on the last winding layer 0,015
diameter, mm 710
width, mm 1380
Weight, kg 11468
Dimensions, mm:
length, mm 5980
width, mm 3130
height, mm 1906